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UNDERSTANDING SHOWMANSHIP: Everything You Need to Know to Win in Showmanship Classes

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by Laurie Truskauskas
Present yourself and your horse professionally in the popular showmanship horse show classes. Even the greenest novice can quickly become competitive by following the advice in this book. Includes everything from mastering the basic patterns to clothing and accessories and winning touches for show grooming.
Learn the fine art of presenting your horse in Showmanship Classes.
  • Twenty things you need to know to score high in Showmanship Classes
  • Four factors that make for a winning presentation
  • Six basic patterns you can practice
  • Three key things to consider when selecting a horse for showmanship
  • Why clothing and accessories can make or break your presentation
  • How to put winning touches into your show grooming
  • The quarter method and how to master it
  • How to train your horse the six basic maneuvers
  • Ten ways to enhance your patterns
  • The five factors that make your showmanship horse look his absolute best
  • How to braid and band manes with perfection
  • How to select and fit the right tack and what tools to buy
  • Key facts you must know about how classes are scored.
This is the single horse show class where the handler–not the horse–is judged, and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular of horse show classes. With this step-by-step approach, even the greenest novice will soon be showing competitively!
Laurie Truskauskas currently resides in Athens, Texas, where she owns and operates Silver Creek Farm, training and showing horses for numerous clients. She has published two other books and contributed numerous articles to horse magazines, including Western Horseman, Quarter Horse Journal, Horse and Horseman, The Western Horse, Paint Horse Journal and others. She also teaches horsemanship at the community college in Athens.
To the purchasers of this book: I commend you on your choice. You have made an invaluable purchase that will help you for many years to come. This book will be a valuable reference in your equine library with its systematic approach to learning.
To Laurie, I thank you for taking your valuable time to write this book so that the rest of us may read and learn from your enormous wealth of knowledge and experience. You have the enviable ability to simplify in words tasks that are sometimes very complicated.
This book, in its straightforward manner, is written with the novice in mind, yet does not forget those who participate at the bigger breed shows and seek to improve their skills. It will develop your expertise, educate you and encourage you to participate in an event that you may have felt is only for the most experienced of horsemen and women. Following this step-by-step approach, even the greenest novice can soon be showing competitively.
And for moms and dads of a “wannabe” youth exhibitor, here is your answer —help with the basics of showmanship. 
Evelyn McKinney
“This is a great teaching and training aid for youth showmanship competitors who are serious about winning…generously illustrated…” (The American Quarter Horse Journal)
“This book is filled with excellent photos and laid out beautifully.” (Hallie, McEvoy, Bookshelf)
Foreword by Evelyn McKinney
1. What is Showmanship?
2. Vocabulary
3. The Handler
4. The Showmanship Prospect
5. Clothes and Accessories
6. Presentation
7. The Quarter Method
8. Teaching the Maneuvers
9. The Patterns
10. Tips for Enhancing the Patterns
11. Conditioning Your Horse
12. Clipping Your Horse’s Face and Legs
13. Grooming to Win
14. Banding the Mane
15. Choosing the Right Tack
16. Showing the English Horse
17. The French Braid
18. Mane and Button Braids
19. Braiding the Hunter’s Tail
20. How Showmanship Classes are Scored
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