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TRAIL TRAINING FOR THE HORSE AND RIDER; Practical Advice for Recreational Riders

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by Judi Daly
Love trail riding but not sure how to get started? Having problems getting a horse to cross water or bridges? Daly starts with the characteristics of a good trail horse, and proceeds to trail equipment, safety, crossing obstacles, and finding places to ride. Excellent for beginning trail riders or anyone needing a good reference on trail horses.
Do you plan to trail ride this year? Read this book first! Both beginners and advanced riders will find this book extremely useful. Topics include safety, troubleshooting, obstacles such as weather and emergencies, and dealing with the young, old and problem horse.
Safety is behind everything I recommend. Trail riding is riskier than any other form of riding because we go so far from home and a minor accident can escalate into something serious if there is no help readily available. So read the book, consider my advice, adapt it for your horse and your environment and open the door to miles and miles of trails waiting to be explored. It’s really worth it.
Judi Daly has been an avid trail rider for many years, and routinely rides more than 1,000 miles on trail each year. In 1998, she was ranked in the top ten trail mile holders statewide for the Ohio Horse Council. When Judi first started trail riding, she found out the hard way that it was more than just hopping on a horse and cantering off into the sunset. She began to search for information of training her horses for the trail, but found little of help. Determined to learn as much as she could in order to trail ride successfully, she developed a program to teach her horses to be dependable and happy mounts. Her journey involved both retraining problem horses and training green horses from scratch.
In 2000 Judi developed a website devoted to the subject. She has also published articles on this topic. This book, which began as an e-book, is a compilation of information acquired through Judi’s research, practical experience, and what she has learned from other horse people on the same journey. It is her hope that others can be spared some of the struggles she experienced and be encouraged to share the joy of trail riding.
“Definitely recommended by this 20-plus year trail riding veteran!” (L.C.)
“…excellent training tips (which I have not seen anywhere else—and I have read a lot)…” (S.R.)
“Thanks for a book that remains a reference and guide to safe and successful trail riding.” (R.C.)
“…you have managed to keep my interest with your honest ‘tell it all’ writing style.” (L.B.)
Section I—Riding on the Trail
1 Why Trail Ride?
2 Preparing to Ride
3 Riding Alone and in Groups
4 Riding Through Obstacles
5 Riding in Traffic
6 Crossing Water
7 Riding in Summer
8 Riding in Cold Weather
9 Handling Trail Emergencies
10 Conditioning the Pleasure Horse
Section II—Training the Trail Horse
11 Starting the Young Trail Horse
12 The First Trail Rides
13 Further Training
14 Retraining the Runaway
15 Retraining the Balky or Barn Sour Horse
16 Retraining the Horse that Prances or Rears
17 Retraining the Horse that Bucks or Spooks
Other Sources of Information
About the Author
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