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STOCKDOG SAVVY:Selecting, Training and Trialing a Working Stockdog


STOCKDOG SAVVY:Selecting, Training and Trialing a Working Stockdog

Stockdog Savvy contains everything you ever wanted to know about stock dog training, working a herding dog, trialing a stock dog, herding dogs and herding dog breeds. Learn how to select a stock dog and the care and training of a herding dog. Teach your dog to work cattle, sheep, goats, fowl or exotic livestock. Choose the right type of herding dog breed for your livestock. Clear instructions with lots of photos in Stockdog Savvy will help you to successfully train your dog to be a ranch dog, a sheep herding dog, herding dog for exotic livestock, or a cow dog on the open range or the trial pen. Interested in competing? With Stockdog Savvy, you’ll be ready for the stock dog trials. Includes profiles of more than 60 herding dog breeds.


•   All breeds of herding dogs.
•   All types of stock work.
•   Profiles of key herding personalities.
•   Complete training to work sheep, cattle, goats, ducks and exotic
•   Problem solving tips in every training chapter.
•   Practical advice on the working ranch dog.
•   Boundary training, handling large flocks.
•   Profiles of more than 60 herding dog breeds.

Trade paperback, 6 x 9, 310 pages, over 100 b & w photos, glossary


Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor is the third generation of Hartnagles (Las Roscosa Australian Shepherds) to enjoy a lifetime association with working stock dogs. She has been in the top ten at the ASCA finals, exhibited at various livestock events, judged trials and presented seminars in Europe and North America. She is also an ASCA and AKC herding judge and author of several books (including All About Aussies, available at Alpine Publications), videos and writes frequently for Western Horseman, American Cowboy, The Cattleman and other periodicals.

Ty Taylor has worked stock dogs on the ranch and in the stockyard for many years. He is also a country singer, songwriter and producer with appearances on the Grand Ole Opry and Austin Limits.


•  Chapter 1:     Herding dogs
•  Chapter 2:     What to look for in a herding dog
•  Chapter 3:      Preparing your puppy
•  Chapter 4:      Laying the foundation
•  Chapter 5:      Getting ready
•  Chapter 6:      Starting a dog on stock
•  Chapter 7:      Making the most of your dog’s talent                
•  Chapter 8:      Developing a useful dog
•  Chapter 9:      The outrun
•  Chapter 10:    Driving skills
•  Chapter 11:    Balance and penning
•  Chapter 12:    Focus on sorting
•  Chapter 13:    Boundary training for tending dogs
•  Chapter 14:    Basic stockmanship
•  Chapter 15:    Working large flocks and herds
•  Chapter 16:    The ranch dog
•  Chapter 17:    Training animals
•  Chapter 18:    Poultry
•  Chapter 19:    Sheep
•  Chapter 20:    Goats
•  Chapter 21:    Cattle
•  Chapter 22:    Keeping cattle
•  Chapter 23:    The trial dog
•  Chapter 24:    Trial programs
•  Chapter 25:    What judges look for
•  Chapter 26:    Other elements of working stockdogs


Useful not only for those who are considering further training or want to break a bad habit, but also for those who are experienced dog handlers and need a solution to an ongoing problem.”   
          – Western Horseman magazine

“Some of the clearest and most practical chapters on training your
stock dog that I have come across
–  Marsha Dusek, The Australian Shepherd Journal

“This book is packed full of information from the first page to the last . . .every reader regardless of skill level will find something valuable in this book.”    
           – Elsie Rhodes

“ .  . . . just the book I was looking for! An excellent book for anyone interested in learning about stock dog training. With the new addition to our family of an Aussie pup, I was looking for an in-depth book that could take me from beginner to as far as I decide to go. Was also looking for a book that wasn't hung up just on Border Collies. Stock Dog Savvy is all that. The authors did a great job covering a large variety of herding breeds and their characteristics. Along with wonderful pictures of herding dogs doing their jobs throughout, it covers the language between handler and dog, basic obedience, different kinds of stock, ranch work and trials. Am sure I'm going to be reading this book more than once and will refer to it for years to come.”       
           – Reader review

"'Everything you ever wanted to know about training, working or trialing a stock dog of any breed'  says the jacket, but even if you live in the city and don't plan to work stock, this comprehensive volume is fascinating. From selection, through basic to advanced training, the authors cover all aspects of working dogs for a hobby, on the ranch, or for trial competition. Chapters on basic stockmanship cover selection and care of poultry, goats, sheep and cattle. Problem-solving and training tips throughout, first aid for the working dog, and an appendix profiling more than 60 herding breeds top off this invaluable book.”  
           –Dogs In Canada magazine

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