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So This is heaven, How Rescuing Old or Unwanted Dogs Provided a Touch of Heaven on Earth is the delightful story of the author’s lifetime spent rescuing older, often considered “unadoptable,” dogs.
Monica’s story begins at age ten when she saves the life of a sheep-chasing Deerhound named Jock. Now in her nineties and living in Colorado, she continues her lifetime dedication to providing a little bit of heaven on earth for the dogs no one else wants. You will meet Sheba, a Great Dane abandoned in the middle of the dessert; Jess, the Border Collie saved from a puppy mill and reintroduced to sheep herding; and little Pansy, an old mixed-breed tossed from a car and left along the roadside to die. There was a wolf hybrid Monica was asked to foster when other options for it were exhausted, plus an Old English Sheepdog, several Wolfhounds, and more. Large or small, Monica offered them a few years to enjoy life as never before, and in the process found her own life greatly enriched by their presence. JESS.jpg
        Jess, the Border Collie, staring down the flock

                           Meg and Pansy


You will laugh and cry as she shares her experiences with one canine after another and marvel at her visitation from "just beyond the veil." And who knows, you may find yourself at the local shelter offering an “unadoptable” friend a piece of heaven for its few remaining days or years!
122 pages PDF File $5.95
Monica Agnew-Kinnaman, author of "So This is Heaven" is featured on "Rescue Matters" author Sheila Boneham's  blog at http://sheilaboneham.blogspot.com/2013/05/heaven-is-rescuing-older-dogs-guest.htm 
        Author with Juneau and Sam.
Author Monica Agnew-Kinnaman

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