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SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS AT WORK; Performance Events, Top Achievers, Training Tips

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Author: Joanne Carriera

Does your Sheltie heel with attention, ziz-zag through weave poles, pen sheep ... or would you like him to? Don’t be without this book! It’s a goldmine of information on Shelties in performance events and working situations. The author includes profiles of all the top achievers in obedience, herding, agility, flyball, and more, with in-depth interviews, photos, pedigrees, and tips from their trainers. There is also a wealth of information about the selection and development of a performance Sheltie. And just as important, beginners can learn how to get started and gain inspiration from the stories of first-time Sheltie owners who have made it to the top!

First edition 1999. 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 softcover, illustrated, pages. 




"When you note a popular conformation sire that produced good working offspring consistently and out of different bitches, that may mean the sire himself has excellent inborn working ability even though he was never trained for performance events. You might have discovered a popular sire whose puppies are likely to be plentiful as well as having beauty and brains."

Reading it is like embarking on a treasure hunt and uncovering a new gem on every page." Jacqueline O’Neil for AKC Gazette

You will learn about:

bullet Eight exciting careers you and your Sheltie can enjoy.
bullet How dozens of other novices worked through training challenges and problems with their Shelties to achieve incredible accomplishments.
bullet Six things you must consider when looking for a top performance Sheltie.


  1. The Shetland Sheepdog - A Working Breed
  2. The Obedience Sheltie
  3. The Herding Sheltie
  4. The Agile Sheltie (agility)
  5. The Flyball Sheltie
  6. The Tracking Sheltie
  7. The Search and Rescue Sheltie
  8. The Therapeutic Sheltie
  9. The Versatile Sheltie (versatility degrees)
  10. Finding and Developing Your Own Working Sheltie

About the Author

Joanne Carriera was a freelance writer, editor and research librarian. She trained and showed dogs since her high school years. She wrote articles for The Gazette, Dog World, Sheltie Pacesetter and others. She enjoyed showing in obedience and herding trials.


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