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SCHNAUZERS, WORLD OF, Standard, Giant and Miniature

This book is unique in that it discusses and compares the three varieties of the breed: Giant, Standard and Miniature Schnauzers. The breed standards, history, development, hereditary diseases, puppy selection and training, performance tests, and much more are covered. Appendix includes the International Working Regulations.
This book examines the breed in all aspects, and is a comprehensive guide to all three sizes of Schnauzers. Includes information on puppy testing, psychosocial development, grooming, and performance events.
I have tried, as fairly as possible, to place the schnauzer and his origin in the limelight. I have done so because I am convinced that the breed’s best publicity lies in the character and unique physical traits. Regardless of what the future may hold in store, the schnauzer’s intrinsic nature and abilities will continue to guarantee the breed’s success. This is, of course, subject to those people closely involved in the breed being aware of these qualities and respecting them.
Johan Gallant has trained, shown and judged Schnauzers since 1975. Mr. Gallant resides in Africa.
“…a “coffee-table book” in size and appearance, but far more than that in content.” (Kit Brown, Giant Matters)
“…this extremely well illustrated book should be on the shelves of every Schnauzer owner, judge and club library…” (M.R.D., Dogs in Africa)
About the Author
1. A Friend’s Advice
2. After Careful Consideration
3. Early History of the Schnauzer
4. The First German Specialty Clubs
5. Genesis of the Standards and Miniatures
6. What About the Giant?
7. Acquiring a Schnauzer
8. Psychosocial Development
9. Cosmetic Surgery
10. Which Puppy Shall I Choose?
Puppy Personality Profile
by Melissa Bartlett
11. The Big Day--Your Schnauzer Puppy Arrives
How to ALPHAbetize Yourself by Terry Ryan
12. The Schnauzer’s Coat and How to Care for It
13. The International Schnauzer
14. A Comparative Study of Three Breed
15. Performance Tests and Related Activities
16. The Standard Schnauzer in the United States
by Cynthia Lorr
17. The Miniature Schnauzer in the United States
by Marcia Feld
18. The Giant Schnauzer in the United States
by Sylvia Hammarstrom
19. The Working Schnauzer Federation
by Storm Bergin
Appendix: International Working Regulations
Other Sources of Information
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