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AUTHOR: Lue Button

This dog training book makes canine scent work fun for any dog. Training for air scent, evidence search, disaster search and the AKC tracking dog tests is covered in-depth. Practical Scent Dog Training includes a method of starting tracking training that will get even young puppies turned on to ground scent. The methods incorporate the combined experience of members of a very successful search and rescue group.



• Revolutionary method of starting tracking dog training with young puppies

• Progressive sequence suitable for class sessions or for those working alone

• Visually oriented: signs to look for in your dog, patterns of scent flow, and more

• Includes instruction for constructing tracking dog equipment

• Fully tested during more than seven years of teaching dog training classes


Trade paperback, 5.5 x 8.5, 154 pages, illustrated, bibliography



Lue Button was the chief trainer for Von Knopt Weimaraners for many years and also taught numerous dog obedience and tracking dog courses. She served as the dog training director of the Los Alamos based Mountain Canine Corps. Button earned her MS in physics from the University of New Mexico and was employed by the Field Test Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory until her retirement.



A Trained Scent Dog is a Joy Forever

We’re Both in this Together

Getting Off on the Right Foot

Where Did the Scent Go?

I Need to Know Too (dog must learn to let his handler know he’s found the trail)

We Can’t Lose if We Keep Trying

Lesson Plans:

            Tracking and Trailing

            Air Scent

            Evidence Search

            Disaster Search and Agility

            AKC Tracking



“Non-traditional in its approach and presents a good deal of food for thought.”

Helen Phillips, AKC Gazette


“Delightful reading . . . The first three chapters if not the entire book could be given to your non-SAR friends just so they know what fun they could have.”

Brooks Hold, Response


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