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The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Still the most in-depth book on the little red dog from Nova Scotia, The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever by Alison Strang and Gail MacMillan, originally published in 1996, has been updated to 2014. The authors cover every aspect from the early days with colorful tolling men like H.A.P. Smith and Avery Nickerson, to the show ring and field dogs throughout the world today. Lots of history, fascinating stories, and practical advice, as well as up to date information on health issues and the newest winners are included in this updated edition. Beautiful photographs of Tollers throughout the world fill the new 12-page color section.
276 pgs, hundreds of photos and illustrations, 12 pgs of color, bibliography, appendices, pedigrees, index. ISBN 978-1-57779-157-7 8 1/2 x 11 inch soft cover edition 
The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is a hardy little red working dog that is still relatively uncommon. Known for a joyous love of retrieving and an uncanny ability to entice curious rafts of ducks to swim within gun range, this Canadian native is seen in various venues, from the show and athletic competition rings to the rivers and fields throughout the world. They have also joined the ranks as therapy dogs, visiting nursing homes and hospitals as well as acting as nonjudgmental listeners to children in schools.
The authors cover the rich history of the breed, from its probable origin in Holland to its refinement in Nova Scotia and its recognition by several national kennel clubs. The field training chapter is written by a very successful sporting dog trainer who has trained and handled many Tollers to their hunting titles. Even for those who are not interested in showing, the in-depth analysis of the breed standard will help them understand how their dog’s structure aids them in their job of hunting. The section on breeding includes how to work with the Toller’s small gene pool, genetic problems in Tollers, and breeding for versatility.
The authors’ love of the breed is evident on every page, and like them, you’ll come away convinced that this is a truly unique and wonderful dog! Tollers are portrayed as “thinking dogs” that will not stoop to following blindly your every wish, but that will participate in a wide range of family activities.

Authors Alison Strang and Gail MacMillan

Alison Strang bought her first Toller in 1975, and has since become a well-known and respected breeder with Westerlea Kennel. She has also judged Tollers in Canada as well as Europe and spoke at the World Congress of Kennel Clubs in Toronto. Gail MacMillan has had the pleasure of owning several Tollers, and is an award winning author. She has written a book on the history of the Toller as well as fiction books and has won several Maxwell Awards from the Dog Writers Association of America.

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Contents

Foreword by James B. Spencer        ix
Introduction                 xv
Acknowledgements    xvii
Chapter 1:       History of the Breed    1
Chapter 2:       Harbourlights Kennel 15
Chapter 3:       The Circle Widens      23
Chapter 4:       The Western Connection        33
Chapter 5:       Tollers Come to Upper Canada          49
Chapter 6:       The Americans Come Calling            57
Chapter 7        Back to Europe           69
Chapter 8        The Toller Personality 85
Chapter 9        An In-Depth Look at the Standard      95
Chapter 10      The Art of Tolling        111
Chapter 11      Field Training the Toller          117
Chapter 12      The Versatile Toller     131
Chapter 13      Toller Good Citizens   153
Chapter 14      Showing Your Toller   159
Chapter 15      In Sickness and In Health       175
Chapter 16      The Art of Breeding    187
Chapter 17      Diary of a Litter           197
Chapter 18      Picking the Right Puppy for the Job   213
Chapter 19      Toller Pedigrees          223
Appendix: Original Canadian Standard          241
Glossary of Titles        243
Bibliography    245
Suggested Reading    247
Clubs   249
About the Authors       251
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