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MIRACLE DOG: How Quentin Survived the Gas Chamber to Speak For Animals on Death Row

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by Randy Grim
A miraculous, funny, eye-opening and inspirational story for all animal lovers. Between five and twelve million animals are euthanized across the United States each year--more than one thousand every hour. Quentin, a Basenji mix, survived his death sentence and with his new owner, Randy Grim, has launched a campaign to end euthanization in shelters. Grim is the subject of the book "The Man Who Talks to Dogs," and the founder of Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

A portion of the sales of Miracle Dog goes to support Stray Rescue and other private rescue organizations. Your purchase can make a difference!


Nov. 1, 2005 — Quentin, the "Miracle Dog," who was supposed to die in August 2003 is traveling the country to sign and promote Miracle Dog: How Quentin survived to the gas chamber to speak for animals on death row.
When the gas chamber door was opened, there stood Quentin on the corpses of seven less fortunate dogs. Now in a stroke of the ultimate vengeance, he has eliminated the eliminator. In January of 2005 the St. Louis City dog pound shut down its gas chamber due to fund raising and lobbying efforts by Quentin and his "dad," Randy Grim, Founder and Director of Stray Rescue.
With a stroke of the Mayor of St. Louis’ pen, the city of St. Louis gas chamber has been dismantled and the catalyst was a check for $18,000 raised and signed by Quentin. In yet another visit to the Mayor’s office, Quentin had Mayor Francis Slay change the legal language of the city from animal owner to the more humane and sometimes controversial " guardian."

Quentin is busily promoting his new book, Miracle Dog: How Quentin Survived the Gas Chamber to Speak for Animals on Death Row. Quentin and Stray Rescue held their book launch at the A.G. Edwards world headquarters and were awarded $50,000 by Robert Bagby, CEO. Three hours and over 700 books signed — Quentin signs all books too.

Not only did Quentin survive the gas chamber, but also he now travels the globe in first-class accommodations. He parties with celebrities: Pierce Brosnan, Linda Blair, Fred Schneider of the B-52s, Dr. Jane Goodall (she even wrote the forward to his book), Elaine Boosler, Mary Tyler Moore, Shirley Jones and many more.

Randy Grim and Quentin are a juxtaposition of opposite personalities – quite the comedy pairing – yet work together like no other team to spread the message of no-kill shelters, animal guardianship, and calling attention to our deplorable system of animal "welfare" and humanity. Not only are they known across the world, but also they make fantastic subjects complete with stories of insatiable appetites, chronic flatulence, celebrity encounters and social dysfunctions. Both are available for interviews.
According to Adam Langer, writing for The Book Standard, May 5, in the Author News section, "We spent some time talking to the store's (Barnes and Noble in Kansas City) community relations manager, Sherry Polito, who tells me that the store has recently held one of the most successful author events in its history, for the book Miracle Dog: How Quentin Survived the Gas Chamber to Speak for Animals on Death Row. Author Randy Grim appeared at B&N with the titular animal who brought down the house when he sampled one spectator's cappuccino. Sherry advises me to put a dog on the cover of my next book or to bring one to my next reading."
Grim and Quentin, The Miracle Dog, are currently touring in support of their new book. Most stops along the way enjoy throngs of admirers and bookstores selling out of their inventory of Miracle Dog. Several times Grim has had to dip into his personal cache to satiate demand.
In New Mexico they did a joint talk with Mayor Martin Chavez for Attorneys for Animal Law at the New Mexico Bar Building on May 6. Grim and Quentin have been interviewed by CNN for Weekend Edition and a story in an upcoming National Geographic exposing the horrors of gas chambers operating throughout the United States also featured them.

Following are excerpts from news reports about Grim and Quentin:
My strong suggestions to booksellers everywhere...book Randy Grim and Quentin. Upon meeting this duo of 'Man and his best Friend,' your customers will be in for an awe inspiring event. People are still talking up the event and buying books. -- Sherry Palito of Barnes and Noble
Randy Grim used to be shy, until he met the dog who survived the gas chamber of an animal shelter in St. Louis. Grim talked to dozens who lined up at Wichita's north Barnes & Noble with his book "Miracle Dog." Quentin survived a carbon monoxide euthanasia atop a pile of dead dogs.
And Grim keeps traveling, signing books, stamping them with the paw print and not letting on that he's uncomfortable. "What Quentin taught me was how not to be shy," he said. "He knew I needed help, too." -- Ron Sylvester, the Wichita Eagle
A line so long it almost wraps around the bookcase at Barnes and Noble... just to see an author.
"Our plight is to one day see a no kill country where we don't have to kill animals that are adoptable," Randy says.
That's what the book talks about and that's all these people are here to hear first hand, or in Quentin's case, first paw. -- Matt Mauro, KWCH 12 Eyewitness News
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