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New Horizons Equine Education Center


Essential desk reference for anyone who works in the equine industry, from 4-H members, to journalists and horse owners. Pronunciation and definitions for medical, anatomical, equipment, genetics, nutrition, training disciplines and more. A National 4-H Reference Selection.
With this invaluable reference, any horseperson can understand and communicate like a pro with trainers, veterinarians, farriers, or breeders. An excellent reference for students, writers, trainers, vet techs, as well as every horse owner.
  • Definition and pronunciation of terms
  • Detailed sketches
Do you want to increase your word power? Do you know the answer to these?
  • Where might a horse ingest a blister beetle?
  • What are “mutton withers?”
  • What are common causes of bowed tendons?
  • What part is the fender on a western saddle?
In 1986, New Horizons developed the first comprehensive home-study program that now includes over forty courses. This innovative program provides students with a working knowledge in equine science without the hassle and expense of on-campus study. A broad range of subjects is included, such as nutrition, reproduction, anatomy, first aid, breeding, genetics, stable management, psychology, behavior, trailering, and training—to name just a few. The success of this unique program is largely due to the individual feedback the students receive.
In addition, New Horizons Equine Education Center, Inc., now has specialized home education programs for
  • The American Quarter Horse Association
  • The International Arabian Horse Association
  • The Appaloosa Horse Club
  • The American Paint Horse Association.
“ . . . easy to use . . . a useful reference for anyone whose work involves equine vocabulary.” (Library Journal)


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