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FELINE AFFAIR, A Guide to Raising and Breeding Purebred Cats

A breeder who spent nearly 20 years raising champion and grand champion Himalayan cats, Gilbertson offers practical advice for the average cat owner (on selection, health, feeding, grooming, and behavior, for example) as well as a thorough explanation of breeding, birth, care of newborn kittens, and the kitten market--subjects that readers who want to breed purebred cats need to understand. Her book's appendixes profile breeds and cat associations, list poisonous plants and suppliers of kitten starter kits, and provide samples of relevant documents: stud service, sale, and alteration agreements, pedigree, litter record, and gestation chart. Includes 50 black-and-white photographs and 18 drawings, a "Tips" section, a glossary and a bibliography.

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