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DOG DRIVER, A Guide for the Serious Musher, Revised Edition

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Whether you are interested in sled dog training for recreational dog sledding, sprint or long distance racing, wilderness travel or a working team, this book has the answers. Based on their personal experience with both racing and working sled teams, this updated edition includes interviews with top mushers like Egil Ellis, Helen Lundberg, Martin Buser and Jeff King, canine dietitians, and the head veterinarian for the Iditarod, plus many other experts. Miki and Julie Collins cover everything you need to know to select, raise and care for sled dogs. They explain equipment, harnesses, dog sleds, and clothing for the musher. Learn how to motivate your dogs, select and train both team lead dogs, make money with your dog team, and cope with all types of problems on the trail. This book is so complete you can't afford to be without it.

• Choose the appropriate gear for every dog sledding job.
• Recognize and correct medical and psychological problems.
• Learn to handle a wide range of trail conditions.
• Make money with your sled dog team.
• Repair sled dog harnesses, dog sleds and other equipment on the trail.
• Prepare for sled dog races and extended wilderness mushing.

Softcover, 6 x 9, 385 pages, illustrated, glossary, resources, index ,  List $24.95

Miki and Julie Collins have been running sled dogs since 1974: traveling an 80-mile trap line, hauling supplies to their remote home, racing, and exploring the wilderness of interior Alaska and Canada. Although the sisters have raced in some major races, they prefer solitary wilderness journeys of 300 to nearly 2,000 miles. When not out rambling with their dogs they are often on some adventure with their sturdy Icelandic horses. In addition to writing three books, the Collins' are regular contributors to Mushing Magazine and the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, and have written numerous articles for other publications including Dog Fancy, Schlittenhund, Western Horseman and Field and Stream.

1.   The Essential Sled Dog - Selection
2.   Sled Dog Psychology
3.   Sleds, Rigging and Gear
4.   Quality Food for Quality Performance
5.   Pay Attention to Details:  Maintenance
6.   Musher’s Medical Manual
7.   No Foot, No Dog
8.   The Next Generation: breeding, raising and training pups
9.   Trails and Trail Conditions
10. On the Trail
11. Team Training
12. The Dog Team Traveler
13. The Exhilaration: Sprint racing
14. The Challenge: Long-distance racing
15. The Working Team

“. . .very interesting reading for the sled dog enthusiast.” 

     – Joe Runyan, Iditarod champion

“. . . an excellent book for beginners as well as professional. It is the most detailed and updated book on the market. . . I recommend it to ALL beginner mushers.”
      – Reader review

“ . . a book all who ever wanted to drive a team, who are driving a team, or who have drove a team should have. It has something for everyone.”
      – Reader review

“Although the title implies that the book is for the 'serious musher’, it should properly read ‘any musher’. Each topic is dealt with in a practical manner.” 
     – Reader review

“I loved it. I would recommend it to anyone who is an experienced musher or a beginner.”
     – Reader review

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