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Want to communicate more effectively with your dog? Solve a behavior problem? Do you want to become a better owner? Read on!

* Common health problems and how they affect behavior

* Why some people are prone to being bitten and how to prevent your dog from being the next one to bite them

* Seventeen kinds of problem owners and how they influence their dog's behavior


"...an invaluable tool for solving behavior problems and training...This books belongs in the library of every dog lover." -- Gleanna Doyle, My Dog's Place

Owner's Guide to Better Behavior in Dogs should be skimmed for sheer Pleasure before delving into for its wisdom -- (Enid Bergstrom, Dog World)

They used to kick ill-behaved dogs. Now intelligent people read Better Behavior in Dogs. Read it. (Roger Caras, ABC News) -- (Roger Caras, ABC News)

Whatever behaviors you find objectionable on the part of your pet, you will find the explanation in this book. -- (Jack Volhard, trainer, author)

About the Author

Bill Campbell has been helping dog owners for more than 20 years through his private consulting service, magazine articles, and pamphlet series dispensed by veterinarians. His 1975 text, Behavior Problems in Dogs, is a classic in its field. Bill and his wife Peggy live on a ranch near Grants Pass, Oregon.

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