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Extensive coverage of all Belgian Shepherd breeds, including the Belgian Tervuren, Belgian Malinois, Belgian Sheepdog, and Belgian Lakenois. Includes history, development, temperament, type, structure, inheritance, breeding, whelping, raising puppies, and the versatility of the breeds, with a section on each activity.  

This Alpine edition includes hundreds of pages brimming with information and descriptions of the three Belgian breeds: Tervuren, Malinois, and Belgian Sheepdog. It features updated information on agility, herding, schutzhund, and brand new chapters on Belgians as therapy dogs and how to get involved in canine freestyle!
"Those Who are thinking about owning a Belgian or are already established in the breed will find Belgians brimming with all aspects of breed information, illustrations, and descriptions of the three Belgian breeds: Tervuren, Malinois, and Belgian sheepdog. The book features updated information on agility, herding, schutzhund, therapy dogs, and how to get involved in freestyle." (Dog & Kennel, December 2004)
Ch 1   Breed History         
Ch 2   Not A Breed for Everyone      
Ch 3   Breed Temperament Defined              
Ch 4   Breed Type Defined             
Ch 5   Structure Defined    
Ch 6   Inheritance Factors  
Ch 7   Coat and Color Inheritance     
Ch 8   The Breeding Game
Ch 9   The Brood Bitch      
Ch 10 The Stud Dog         
Ch 11 The Breeding         
Ch 12 Whelping  
Ch 13 Hooked On Puppies
Ch 14 Choose Pick of the Litter       
Ch 15 Vaccinations and Anesthesia  
Ch 16 Evaluating Temperament      
Ch 17 Introduction to Versatility Guest Authors             
Ch 18 Agility      
Ch 19 Assistance Belgians 
Ch 20 Flyball, the Ultimate Dog Sport
Ch 21 Our Herding Breed    
Ch 22 Obedient Belgians
Ch 23 Champions of Ringsport        
Ch 24 Schutzhund
Ch 25 Search and Rescue  
Ch 26 A Tribute to Belgians That Serve         
Ch 27 Tracking   
Ch 28 Conformation Kindergarten    
Ch 29 Care and Maintenance of Show Dogs    
Ch 30 Training for Conformation     
Ch 31 Grooming for Conformation
Ch 32 History and Function of the American Kennel Club           
Ch 33 AKC Conformation Shows      
Ch 34 Ready, Set, Show!  
Ch 35 United Kennel Club  
Ch 36 International Dog Shows
Ch 37 Dancing with Belgians
Ch 38 Therapy Dogs
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